For general FAQ about 3 Day Startup, please head over to the global 3 Day Startup FAQ.

What is 3 Day Startup [university_name]?
3 Day Startup [university_name] is a locally organized 3 Day Startup program.

3DS [university_name] will be from [start_date] at 2pm until Sunday [end_date] at 10pm.

3DS [university_name] will be held at [event_location], and the final pitches will be held at [pitch_location].

How do I participate in the next event?
Head on over to our application page.   If you’d like to help organize or get involved in some other way, just shoot us an email at [event_email_address].

How do I attend the final pitches?
The final pitches are open to the public.  Please visit our Eventbrite page to RSVP: [pitch_eventbrite]

How can I get involved?
3 Day Startup [university_name] is a local 3 Day Startup program founded by [organizer_first_name] [organizer_last_name], . We are group of local students [and professionals?] interested in creating an entrepreneurial culture and capability around [university_name]. If you share similar goals and would like to donate your time, money, or expertise, please contact us at [event_email_address].

Who is the organizing team?
Check out our about page.